Roc Carmichael on watching Film!

As we continue to work on the development of Our supporters will be giving Professional Tips on training and preparation tactics. This week we have Tips by Roc! is focused on helping you “Get to the Next Level”.

Roc Carmichael from the Houston Texans – Tips on watching film.

1…He who knows himself and his opponent need not to fear the outcome of 1000 battles…therefore before you study anyone else you must study yourself.

2…Watch a few whole game tapes of your opponent to see what style of play they use as a team.

3…Pay attention to formations…how much they pass and run under center vs the shotgun.

4…Next you have to pay close attention to small details…like down and distance. This will help you learn a lot about a team…example…3rd and short is a bread and butter down…usually run plays they feel good about.

5…You study your direct competition and pick up how he likes to play…tendencies he gives away…example…corner backs watch WR’s get off press…get in and out of brakes…and how good his hands are can take you a long way…

Bless All People,

Roc Carmichael

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