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Sportrait Launch Update!

March 21, 2012

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We are almost ready for our BETA launch and we wanted to reach out to our future members. All young talented high school athletes and artists will have a Social Network that will allow them to showcase their talents directly with Colleges, Coaches and Recruiters. The Internet has reshaped the recruiting landscape over the past decade. Without the constraints of tight budgets and crammed scheduling, colleges, agencies and sponsors are able to search for and seek out a greater number of potential prospects. Students across the nation, once overlooked because of their school’s location or size, can now display their abilities for the world’s finest coaches and scouts to see. Members provide their own written achievements, just like a resume, while highlight reels, pictures and video (highlights and bloopers) add a dynamic visual element to each member’s profile.

Just a little bit of what Sportrait will do for the youth of America. Go to and sign up for an early invitation and be one of the first to join our Network.

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Peyton Manning Recruiting at the Highest Level!

March 12, 2012

With a little more than 24 hours till the Free agent period begins, the question is where will the NFL‘s biggest free agent ever land? Being recruited at the highest level Peyton Manning on Sunday completed an exhaustive three-day road trip in where he visited with the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals, the two teams that sources believe have emerged as the favorites for the free-agent quarterback. The Miami Dolphins are also in the mix even though he has not visited with them, but he does have a house in Miami and former teammate Reggie Wayne was not shy when mentioning that he and Peyton would fit in nicely with the Dolphins. After two long draining weeks the quarterback was anxious to get some rest and return to his rehab and throwing regimen. He is also due for his monthly check up related to his neck surgeries.

So will Peyton make his decision by Tuesday?

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