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Training Tips by Tony Villani form XPE Sports!

September 27, 2012

Tony talking to future College Athletes!

Tony is a world-renowned trainer known for his unmatched ability to make any… and every athlete he trains faster, more explosive than they’ve ever imagined.

A lot of high school athletes play sports to try to attain a college scholarship.  Most of these athletes know one thing that has become common knowledge – SPEED KILLS!  Speed is the #1 factor that is used when judging athletic success and ability.  The problem is, a lot of athletes think that more training is better training for improving speed.  I don’t know how many times I go and watch high school kids training for “speed” and literally run themselves into the ground.  Although they are working hard, they are NOT improving SPEED, they are improving ENDURANCE.  An over-trained athlete will never be at their genetic potential for speed. To improve speed, one should follow the simple XPE ( formula and to be very careful to not over-train.

Phase 1Learn sprint mechanics and get the body in aerobic shape.  Work on such drills as high knees, butt kicks, and longer runs.  An XPE Speed Specific Warmup which activates the correct muscles in a strategic order is a great way to focus on active flexibility, sprint mechanics, and muscle memory.

Phase 2 – Develop stride length.  Once form and aerobic conditioning has been developed in phase 1, an athlete should work on the easiest thing to improve…the biggest “bang for you buck”…STRIDE LENGTH.  A simple way to do this is with hill runs.

Phase 3 – Learn how to accelerate into top speed (stride length) and how to turnover your stride.  Sleds, push up starts, ladder drills focusing on arm drive, and moving from hill runs to flat runs are various ways to accomplish phase 3.

Phase 4 – De-load and peak.  Here is where the athlete performs all out sprints WITH A LOT OF REST PERIODS between sprints.  Your training and overload took place in phases 1-3, phase 4 is not the time to continue to increase your workload.  Phase 4 is the time to peak the gains you made from phases 1-3.

Follow these tips by XPE’s Tony and sign up with for your best chance to reach the Next Level!